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More comfortable, more protection

North peak protector is proud of the 3 layers protection which has an outstanding performance.
It is a high performance model that use EVA / NBR laminated materials; and further the PE foam puts on the spinal cord and coccyx.
Furthermore, with using the excellent elasticity and quick-dry materials, the "protection" and "comfort" have materialized.

The multilayered structures pad is out of your imagination.

PE plates

EVA pad

NBR pad

3D mesh

The high repulsion PE plates will resist the shock and extend.
Furthermore, the lightweight EVA pad which is superior to repulsion and NBR pad which is superior to cushion helps to relax the effect of shock.

With the multilayered structures of pad, the high level protections have materialized.

Beautiful tailoring.
Comfortable feeling.

Calculated silhouette and beautiful tailoring overturns the image of the protector.
Furthermore, the superior breathable and quick dry functional fabric makes you feel comfortable.


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