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Seeking the best performance.

The beginning of brand was a snowboarding protector.
The protector of northpeak runs through the sincere posture in shock absorption, mobility, design and fabric.
It became the must-have item for every snow boarder, from a beginner to an expert.

north peak activates the technology power and idea and develops the functional socks, snow gloves and goggles etc,and accomplishes growth to a total accessories brand.
In the future, north peak will pursue the refined products showing the best performance for all snow boarders who love snowboard fervently.

What is the origin of "north peak"?

The origin of brand name of north peak is the 5995m spot of Mount McKinley of the North American highest peak, Denali 6,168m above sea level.
It is generally called north peak.
Mount McKinley proud of the world's best relative height is located in a high latitude Alaska section.
Even though the extreme chilly environments and severe mountains, the innumerable mountaineers challenge to reach the summit unceasingly.

The famous mountaineer, Mr. Naomi Uemura, reached the summit lastly.
No matter how severe and dangerous environments, we can feel him aim and advance bravely without hesitation.
north peak will follow the posture of mountaineers and leap forward even more in any situations.